Property Investors are a perfect fit with Metro Builders…..

We love dealing with property investors and have packaged specific homes, on specific lots, in specific estates, to maximise smart property investment returns for you.

We can offer you a full turn key package so that your renters can move start in once completed.


Financial security can be a combination of the following…

  1. Being Debit-fee
  2. Being in control of your expenses
  3. Consistently increasing your savings/assets/net worth
  4. Not being forced to work at a job you don’t like just to pay the bills
  5. Being able to retire comfortably in the lifestyle you are accustomed

We all aspire to retiring comfortably, however most people don’t consider how they are going to do this until they are in their 50’s, and then realise they will have to work longer than planned to help fund their retirement, or downgrade from the lifestyle they are accustomed.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics show that, for every 100 Australians retiring at the age of 65:

1 Person is wealthy, 3 People are financially independent, 4 people work for the rest of their lives, 29 are deceased, and 63 people are on government welfare

It makes sense to be at the top being a part of the people who are financially independent. The majority of Australia’s wealth has been gained through investing in property.

For the majority of people, the greatest long term investment they will ever make is owning their own home. This approach is “having all your eggs in one basket” type of investment strategy and could result in you having to sell your home to fund your retirement.

Smart investors create their wealth through diversification. They split their wealth growth strategy. This way they can build wealth and spread risk, whilst enjoying the lifestyle they are accustomed too. How do they do this? By having a good strategy and strong financial advice behind them. If you have made the decision to secure residential investment properties as part of your investment strategy, contact one of our new home design consultants today for the best value home and land package available.